Men’s Shed: Creating Social Connection in a Sometimes-Lonely World

Phil Johnson: Managing Director, US Men’s Sheds

Tuesday March 30, 2021


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Men’s Shed is an international phenomenon with thousands of clubs worldwide, originating in Australia. In a world that is facing a loneliness epidemic across generations, Men’s Shed builds social connection! Social connection is one of the most important resources for well-being and preventing suicide. Men’s Shed is a club, mainly for older guys. We have tools, and materials for pursuing our interests and passions, for learning something new and sharing skills. We join to make stuff and tinker. We share a pot of coffee in a friendly atmosphere. Minnesota has five Men’s Shed programs including: Hopkins, Minnetonka, Crystal, Roseville, and Mound. This may be a particularly important strategy in every community, but particularly among rural communities where rates of suicide among older men has been among the highest in recent years. Learn about the Men’s Shed history across the globe, and in Minnesota, the benefits to well-being, and about the steps to start a Men’s Shed in your community.

Men’s Shed Week Overview- Australia