Random Act of Kindness

Stress can be debilitating, and it can cause and/or aggravate health problems. Since stress is a normal part of human existence, nobody is immune to it. It is important to arm ourselves with knowledge so that we recognize when stress is present (amazingly, we don’t always notice it’s happening to us). It is important to learn some strategies for coping with this particular silent existence.

Fear, trauma, and chronic stress can negatively impact Mental Health and Well-being. While we all experience stress and hard times, the cumulative impact of chronic or intense stress is real. It gets built into our bodies and is passed on to the next generation.

Random acts of kindness can be very simple, yet an effective way to brighten another person’s day. Think of this as a “bucket filling” act. This act encourages individuals to fill up each other’s invisible buckets. Research has shown that helping others can decrease stress, improve happiness, lower blood pressure, release “feel good” hormones and inspire others.

“Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life.” Rumi

If you are feeling Hopeless, Angry or Confused, or even just need an ear to listen, please call the NW8 Children’s & Adult Crisis Support Line at 800.282.5005 or Text “MN” to 741741.

For more information visit: www.stress.org or www.cdc.gov.